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A vet Q&A Twitter session to answer all your pet health related questions

Do you have a question about your pet's health and wellbeing? Look no further and take part in our brand new Q&A Twitter session: #AskAndrew.

Our chief veterinary officer and co-founder, Andrew Bucher, is offering you a chance to ask him questions about your pet’s diet, fitness, and general wellbeing, starting from 1pm on Friday 8th January.

We invite you to send your questions to Andrew via Twitter to @Andrew_Medic or using the hashtag #AskAndrew

We plan to hold weekly sessions after this, and will populate this page every week with a summary of all questions and answers from the previous session.

“While we’re a nation of pet lovers, sometimes we aren’t really aware of the best way to translate this love into keeping our pets as healthy as possible, and many of us overindulge our animals, which can lead to health problems such as diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. However, there are some simple lifestyle changes that owners can make for their pets which will help them stay in good shape this New Year.”

Andrew Bucher, BSc, BVSc, MRCVS

Missed our last Q&A? Find a summary of its content below!

Do not stress, 18y old cats can show some senile type effects include cat calling at odd times or situations. See your vet if concerned re the cat calling though. There are sprinkle capsules you put on food that can help..
Yes! Premium diets are complete foods with no added fillers. The price per kg is higher than 'normal' food but worth it.
Ah the "crazy cat syndrome"! Personally one of the top reasons why I love cats! Perfectly normal behaviour :) but yes climatic changes such as pressure and electric charge in the air have been known to contribute to this.
They can see their reflection yes but TV is tricky! I have experimented many times on my own two cats! They see colours and have good depth perception. They only react to TV due to movement crossing the screen. Best bit of the eye is the tapetum lucidum. This is why their eyes reflect light so much >> better sight in the dark
Yes old cats can be quite sensitive when old. Try this: I find this brush useful but groom gently and in small doses. Gently gently is always the way with older cats. Start with the back, leave the belly till last!
Generally I would always wish for a cat to have an outdoor space, we all wish to have fresh air. And there are great microchip reading cat flaps available! Keeps unwanted visitors out of your home!
Best way is to feel the ribs and spine. You should be able to feel them easily under your fingers, or use this useful body condition scoring system from 1-5: It really is useful.
Hereditary cataracts affect many breeds but cataract leading to blindness may be more common in min poodles and American cockers, golden retrievers, boston terriers and min schnauzers. See your vet if lens opacity seen!
You should treat for fleas all year round I am afraid. Only way to ensure adult fleas emerging from pupae die!