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„Gesund aus Verantwortung” bedeutet ALLEN Tieren und Haltern zu helfen. Deshalb ist ein grundlegendes Prinzip von MedicAnimal, gemeinnützige Organisationen bei ihrer Arbeit zu unterstützen. Wir leben dieses Prinzip!

Über die Jahre hat MedicAnimal viele Tierhilfsorganisationen mit Spenden (Futter, Körbchen und Zubehör) unterstützt. Als VIP Kunde geben wir Ihnen jeden Monat die Möglichkeit, uns zu sagen, welche Tierhilfe wir mit €500 unterstützen sollen. Wenn Ihr Favorit nicht ausgewählt wurde, hat er jeden Monat erneut die Chance.


Um für Ihren Favorit abzustimmen, Bitte beachtem Sie, dass Sie VIP-Status haben müssen, damit Ihre Stimme zählt. Ist Ihre Tierhilfsorganisation nicht dabei?

Schicken Sie uns eine Mail an [email protected], damit wir sie im nächsten Monat aufnehmen können.


Hier ein paar der Tierhilfsorganisationen, die wir bereits unterstützt haben.

“Cats Protection is the UK’s leading cat welfare charity and every year we help around 200,000 cats and kittens towards a better life. We never put a healthy cat to sleep and will ensure that every cat in our care is warm, fed and loved until we find them a new home. On average, it costs us approximately £2 to cover the entire cost of care for a cat each day. This £500 donation could therefore help us to care for 250 cats for a day!”

Maggie Roberts BVM&S MRCVS, Director of Veterinary Services at Cats Protection

“‘All Dogs Matter is a registered dog rehoming charity, rescuing dogs from all over Central and Greater London. Abandonment is on the rise again, with irresponsible owners abandoning their dogs for a number of sad reasons; everything from not wanting to pay for kennels/boarding when going on holiday to not wanting to pay a vet for an illness or injury. Therefore there is a great demand on charities like ours, to take all these dogs into our care and provide them with the proper care they need. This does mean that a lot of our funds will go towards veterinary costs and kennelling fees for those poor dogs that come to us needing urgent and immediate attention.’”

Ira Moss, All Dogs Matter

“Even though the average stay for the animals in our care is fairly short, we do get some longer term residents who through no fault of their own struggle to find their forever home. MedicAnimal has done a wonderful job in helping us to promote some of the long term animals desperately looking for new homes and the large donations of pet food and accessories has enabled us not just to feed some of the animals at our centres, but also to provide more luxuries like chews and treats.”

Katja Jones, Major Donor Officer at Wood Green, The Animals Charity

“Every year, some 3500 wildlife casualties are rescued and cared for by the Trust, with ultimate aim of returning them to the wild. Badgers, swans, dormice, bats, deer, hedgehogs and thousands of birds of every species, all owe their lives to the dedication of Folly’s amazing team of staff and volunteers, who work tirelessly, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks of the year, and very often at night, to bring relief to injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife. MedicAnimal have for many years, been rock-solid in their support of Folly, providing timely and much-welcomed donations of animal feed and supplements, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come!”

Dave Risley, Folly Wildlife Rescue